Swiss Precision & Accuracy

Gamut Consulting has been operating a dedicated contractor management business since 2005. We characterise everything that is great about Switzerland – dynamic, precise, discreet and reliable with an in-built customer service ethic.

Swiss Umbrella Service

We provide tax efficient, legally compliant financial solutions for contractors in Switzerland. We will boost your bottom line by reducing administrative costs associated with cross-border tax, contract and payroll management.

Compliance is a Focus

Our team of compliance consultants ensures that we keep abreast of all legal regulations. Our principal focus is to make sure that each externally hired contractor works in Switzerland in complete accordance with the rules laid down by SECO.

Swiss Payroll Explained

Swiss payroll is relatively complex, however we will always endeavor to use our in depth knowledge to make it as easy for you as possible. Our multi-lingual staff are familiar with all the compliance and deductions associated with the Swiss payroll.

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